Check the RAM on Android – Update Android 10

How To Check RAM Usage In Android 10?

The amount of RAM your smartphone and android has can playing a very crucial role’s in its overall performances. There was a time when a meager up to 1GB of memory on an Android seemed like a big deal. But now, we have got devices with up to 12GigaBytes RAM out of the box.

Random-access memory – RAM, is one of the most important components in all devices such as PC,computer and smartphones, from PC, to smartphones, to games consoles.

Without RAM, doing just about anything on any system would be much, much slowly. Not having enough for the application and game you’re trying to run can bring things to a crawl or even prevent them from running at all.

Your can do using a widget to monitor RAM usage

There are hundreds and hundreds of different apps which comply with this simple need. We won’t recommended use those bloated all-in-one maintenance tools as a rule.

Don’t get us wrong, they can be rather helpful for various reasons. But, if you reach deep into the core of the Android as an OS, you’ll find that manually terminating and restarting certain app takes more RAM memory than to let the OS itself optimize it.

We will provide some guide for you to do, so that you know how much RAM you have used on Android Version 10.

As it’s the case with older versions, the process to monitor RAM consumption on your Android 10 devices is roughly the same.

You can follow the steps mention below:

1. Enable the Developer Options menu if you haven’t done it already. For that go to the About page in Android Settings, then tap on the build number 5 times. You might have to enter your PIN as well.

2. Now – Next, go to Developer Options.

3. Tap on the Memory option present at the top.

4. Here, you will be able to see how much “RAM” is being using. And your can view the usage up to stats for day.

5. Now, tap on “Memory used” by apps if you want to know exactly which apps are eating your RAM capacity.

So, this is how you check RAM usage in Android Version 10 and a couple of older Android versions as well. For instance, the steps are similar for Android 9 or Android 8.

One thing you have noticed is that Android Operating System consumes a little less than 1GygaBytes, and other system apps might be use of up to 500MB in total.

So, it seems the rest of the cake is taken by the apps that you’r installing.

How much RAM does my phones have?
The Memory stats pages also tells you the total memory capacity of your smartphone. Example, the device in the screenshot has 4GB RAM out of which 1.6GB this free.

How to free up RAM on Android?
Now, if your Android smartphone doesn’t have a gigantic RAM chip inside, you might want to free up some memory as well. For that, you can close the apps that are using too much RAM.

One effective way to reduce your phone’s RAM usage is to uninstall or disable the apps that you don’t actively use on a regular basis. That way it won’t try to gobble down memory while running in the background.

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