How to Upload Video iMovie to Your YouTube Account on Mac

Upload Video from iMovie to Your YouTube Account on Mac

Mac refers to the series of Macintosh computers made in Apple Inc. since 1984. With its very first models, Apple is largely credit with start the trend of making for the computers that are easly for ordinary people to using and promoting the ideas that anyone can find a computer useful. Mac OS are particularly on popular with graphic and web designers.

If you want to share your for “iMove files” with others use a cloud-sharing services, physical media, and some other methods, you’ll need to exporting the video from iMovie to your Macintosh OS.

Now we will help you to send iMovie files from YouTube account to Mac

  • Open your finished for iMovie project.
  • In the top right corner, please “click” the “share icon“.

How to Export iMovie Files for Mac OS

  • In the share tab, and now “click” YouTube to uploads your video to YouTube account.

How to Export iMovie Files for Mac OS

  • You’ll then see an export for “pop-up” for your files in computer. Here you can see the current name of your video.

Additionally, you can see and adjust the upload resolution display, the YouTube category, and the view permissions. Simply “click” the side arrows to changes any settings. Once you’re happy with your selections, and please “click” Next.

How to Export iMovie Files for Mac OS

  • If you haven’t now already, you will see a notifications for asking you to “log in” to YouTube account. Please – “Click” Sign In to proceed.

How to Upload

  • You’ll then be taken to a browser pages to log for admin into YouTube, and to authorize for iMovie access for your account. Once complete, you will return to iMovie.

And now,

  • Back in iMovie, you will see the same “pop-up” from step 4, except your now loggin in to YouTube. Please “Click – Next” to continue.

How to Export iMovie Files for Mac OS

You’ll then see a YouTube “Terms of Services” notifications, informations you to not uploads copyright on material creator. There are also links to YouTube copyright “tips and terms of use“. Please, Click Publish to start the uploading.

How to Upload Video iMovie

  • That’s it! Your video will now completed upload to YouTube.

The convenience provided by Mac OS is a belief for you, happy working

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