How to using WhatsApp view once feature

Whatsapp introduced a new feature for Whatsapp user that is options “View Once”.

In this best feature, when you sharing any media file like Photo or videos to someone on WhatsApp, that media file disappears when the users have seen that message once and that’s why this feature name is “View Once”.

What is View Once Feature on Whatsapp?

It’s a new feature of Whatsapp aplications. If you want to sharing any such information with your friends (or anyone who uses the WhatsApp platform) which is quite confidential and once they see that message, then that message will be automatically deleting.

So in such a situation, you can use the “View Once” one feature of WhatsApp. It’s a kind of self-destruct message or similar to a disappearing message.

How to use View Once feature in WhatsApp and how its working?

To enable the “view once” feature on WhatsApp for any media message (like Photos, and videos) is quite easly.

This options feature is available for Android and iOS user and its enable process is similar for both platform.

Follow the below guide step by step to send a message using the “View Once” features.

Step One

Open the Whatsapp app and select the person whose you want to send a media message like photo or video.

Step Two

Click on the camera icon to select a photo or your video from your smartphone gallery, or using its default camera to take a picture or video to send that person.

When you select a video or image, you will get to see an icon (see image) on the left side of the send button.


Step Three

To enable View Once feature on a particular media message, just tap on that icon and when you tap on it, you will see a message like “photo set to view once” or “video set to view once” and then please click on the send button.


Step Four

When you click on the send button, after that you yourself can’t even see that message in your chat section.

The person to whom you have sent the messages, if he/she has seen that message once, then that message will be automatically deleting, and in its place, you will get to see the word “Opened” written.


Advantages of view “Once” feature

  1. Media will not be saving to the recipient photos and gallery.
  2. You can’t forward, save, starting, or sharing photo and video that were sent or received with the view once media is enabled.
  3. Once you send a view once a photo or video, you won’t be able to view it again.
  4. You can only see if a recipient has opening a view once photo and video if they have read receipts turned on.
  5. You must select view once media each times you want to send a view once photo and video.
  6. If you don’t open the photo and video within 14 days of it being send, the media will expire from the chat.
  7. You must select view once media each time you want to send a view once photo and video.
  8. View once media can be restore from backup if the message is unopened at the time of backup. If the photo and video has already been opened, the media will not be included in the backup and can’t be restored.

Disadvantage of view “Once” feature

Only send photos or video with the view once media is enabling to trusted individual. Example, it’s possible for someone to

  1. Encrypted media may be storing for a few week on WhatsApp’s servers after you’ve sent it.
  2. Take a photo and video of the media with a camera or other device beforing it disappears.
  3. Take a screenshot or screen recording of the media before it disappears. You won’t be notified if someone takes a screenshot or screen recording.

If a recipient chooses to report view once media, the media will be provided to WhatsApp.

How to activate view once on whatsapp message?

To activate the view once feature on a message, you have to tap on the View Once icon while sending photos or videos to someone.

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